Ballgown Silhouettes

I have listed only the most common silhouettes applied for International Standard / American Smooth gowns, however, there are plenty of variations besides these.

Panelled skirt

The bodice is cut like a one-piece swimming suit, the multi-layered skirt is built upon this. The skirt is sewn onto the bodice at the natural waistline. We use this structure when a multi-layered georgette skirt is required. As the top needs to be made of an elastic fabric, that is usually made of lycra or dance crepe. Many of the light colored georgette are a little sheer, so we use 3 or 4 layers of the fabric. As the georgette skirts are made of trapezoids, i.e. they widen towards the hem.
The same structure is used if you would like to have the skirt made of stretch satin. The bodice is made of lycra, and the skirt of a six-panelled stretch satin skirt. It can be with or without a georgette underskirt (it looks nicer with). The meeting of the bodice and the skirt is usually concealed with crystals.

Triangle insets

The gown can be made of lycra or dance crepe, with vertically seamed panels starting at the shoulders (at the top of the gown), going all the way down to the hem. We use triangle insets of georgette to make the skirt fuller, usually six in a skirt, three in the front and three in the back.

Panelled gown

The gown can be made of the same fabric as well. If you would like a dance crepe gown only, we use vertically seamed panels going from the top of the gown until the hem. The gown may or may not have a georgette underskirt. The same way, the gown can be made of lycra, too.

Two-piece gown

Sometimes the top and the skirt are detached, usually when the top has a corsette on the back.
They can either be attached to each other by snap-fasteners, or not.