Terms of Sale

Pre-owned dresses

Buyers can pay by bank wiring, PayPal, Neteller or Payoneer. Full payment must be made in advance. Unfortunately we cannot accept a credit card or a check from European buyers. Prices exclude bank charges and shipping. Please ask for the cost of shipping every time you enquire about a dress.

If the dress turns out not to fit, you can return it. You need to let me know within 1 day after reception of the dress that you would like to send it back. If this is not possible (someone else takes the parcel over, you are abroad and can only put the gown on a week later), you should inform me of this fact prior to the depath of the gown, otherwise I will not accept a return. In case of a return I will refund your money less the cost of the first shipping, plus you pay for the second shipping (in other words, both ways of shipping are to be born by you). Please take your measurements very carefully in order to avoid returns.

Designer dresses

Buyers can pay by bank wiring / PayPal. Full payment must be made in advance. Unfortunately we cannot accept a credit card. Prices do not include bank charges.

Return policy

If everything is ok, then everyone is happy. We have ballgowns as well as latin outfits made for abroad. We work with three excellent dressmakers with several years of experience in dressmaking, whose prices are very reasonable. The countries we have sold new gowns to include the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. We double check the torso length, total length and skirt length of each dress before the dressmaker starts to make the dress. (It is recommended to take these measurements very carefully!)

If, despite our efforts, major modifications are needed, e.g. the built-in bodice has to be changed or the skirt is too short and therefore has to be replaced etc., we will take back the gown for adjustment. In this case we will pay an additional one way shipment, i.e. from Hungary to your country, or you can have the gown repaired locally.
If the dress turns out not to fit, we agree to take it back. In this case you would only pay for the first shipping, i.e. we will refund the money less the cost of the first shipping.

Please note that we can take the dress back for changes in the size only. We cannot take it back if you find the style is not flattering for you (for example your legs look short in it, or your neck looks short in it), so please think about this before ordering. Our dressmakers have lots of experience, and are able to tell which style and colour will fit your body shape and skin colour. If you don’t know, consult us. If there are minor, inexpensive modifications needed, we recommend (and appreciate) that you do it locally.