How to measure yourself

This section shows you how to take your measurements. We need all of these, if you would like to have a custom-made standard or latin dress made. It should be done with a centimeter tape measure, if possible, but we can work with inches as well. Hold the tape close to your body, don’t measure it loose. Wear only a panty while measuring.

A – Bust size -undefined


B – Waist size

waist size

C – Midhip size (10 cm down from Waist)
midhip size

D – Hips size

hips size

E – Chest size (above bust)
F – Midriff size (under bust)

under above breast

G – Across front – no photo yet

H – Neck size – no photo yet

I – Bust point to bust point – no photo yet

J – From shoulder point to chest line
shoulder point above breast

K – From shoulder point to line of middle bust
shpoulder point to breast

L – From shoulder point to midriff line – no photo yet

M – From shoulder point to waist line
shoulder point to waist

N – From shoulder point to midhip line – no photo yet

O – From shoulder point to hips line – no photo yet

P – From shoulder point to bottom of the panty (torso size)

Q – From shoulder point to hem (end of skirt, this is your choice) – no photo yet

R – From waist line to knee – undefined

S – From waist line to hem (end of skirt, this is your choice)

T – Crotch (see separate small picture as how to measure it, until midhip line) – no photo yet

U – Distance between waist and hips line – no photo yet

V – Length of the arm, outside (from shoulder point until wrist, with a bent arm!)

W – Length of the arm, inside
(from the armpit until wrist, with a bent arm, although the picture shows a straight arm) – no photo yet

X – Arm size – no photo yet

Y – Elbow size – no photo yet

Z – Wrist size – no photo yet

1. Length of the back in the bust line – no photo yet
back width

2. Length of the cut (From the neck line, it is your choice!)

3. Across back (Length of the back in the same line as G in the front)

4. Your height without shoes